Workflow Analysis

Benefits of work flow analysis

Even the best run business can be improved to increase productivity and profitability. Your business has probably been running for many years and has very specific ways of operating and has probably developed a number of in house systems to help with this. Most of these systems can be summarised in a work flow diagram, e.g. following an order from order entry, through fulfillment, to invoicing. Each step in this process can be broken down into sub processes that may not be completely understood by other people in the business that interact with the main work flow. A better understanding of each sub process can lead to improved efficiencies in the sub processes which can improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the overall organisation.

What we do for you

We will come on site and follow multiple orders from entry to delivery, ensuring that we cover every stage of the process and make note of any special case situations that may occur. This will give us a detailed understanding of all your processes. We will follow each user’s individual processes to give us an overall picture of how your user’s fit into the processes. We will also analyse how long each step of the process takes and find the critical paths for the overall process.

What you get

Once we have studied your work flow we will produce a basic work flow diagram and a report based on the key areas we identify that could be made more efficient and how these could be streamlined using a production management system. From this workflow, you will be able to see which processes may be improved and would benefit from improved computerisation.