About Us

The starting point for improvement is to recognize the need – Masaaki Imai

BlackStorm Software is a software development company that specialises in custom solutions to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of workflows of small to medium businesses in South Australia. Our clients include commercial and not-for-profit organisations in many different industries including manufacturing, transport, building and retail.


Matthew Allpress

Systems Architect

Whilst completing a Bachelor of Computer Science at Adelaide University Matthew started BlackStorm Software to focus on creating custom business solutions for clients and augmenting existing systems and processes. Working with clients in the manufacturing, building and transport industry Matthew has developed solutions around a wide variety of problems, from production management systems to fatigue compliance and management systems for the Trucking Industry.


Ryan Craig

Systems Architect

After completing Honours in Computer Science at Adelaide University majoring in artificial intelligence, Ryan spent 3 years working for a company specialising in supply & demand optimisation and predictive modelling. Whilst there, he played a significant role in developing artificial intelligence computer systems for advanced planning and scheduling systems, supply chain network optimisation systems and demand planning and forecasting systems. Recognising the need for customized process analysis and software customisation in small to medium business, Ryan decided to join BlackStorm Software and harness his passion, skill and expertise to enhance the services provided.


Alethea Lim

Senior Software Engineer

An honours degree in computer systems engineering and four years working at one of Australia’s largest ISPs have given Alethea a wealth of experience in analysing, maintaining, and adapting complex software systems. Alethea joins Blackstorm with an enthusiasm for creating software with a streamlined user experience.